The legend of the Roast Stone

When you walk from Serrahn to Krakow, you find an old bridge leading over the river Nebel. On its right, there is a v-shaped valley, with many beautiful hiking trails. On the left you see a big stone. It is not a normal one but the Roast Stone. The following legend tells you how it got its unusual name.

It is told that the v-shaped valley of the river Nebel was created of none other than the devil’s Grandmother. Her hell’s son gave her a plough and told her to make a beautiful valley with a lovely river and colourful meadows along the riverbanks. Shortly spoken, a piece of earth where you could go for walk after the long day’s work. The devil’s Grandmother did what she was ordered to do, but she ploughed so crookedly that it was nearly unbelievable. The river meandered through the valley - here the riverbanks were as high as a hill, and over there as flat as a tray. The soil was in some places as sandy as a desert and somewhere else as wet as a mire – you could only pass with boots, if at all. The whole landscape looked terribly untidy.

The devil realized the nasty result of his Grandmother’s work, and he was horrified. Not at all he was interested in his Granny’s excuse that her bad eyes were solely responsible for all the botch-up. For punishment, he sat her on the Roast Stone and heated it as much as he could. Of course, the Grandmother strictly denied afterwards using that stone ever again in her kitchen. She banned it from the hell and so it remained on the riverbank and guarantees that its legend won’t be forgotten.

M. Thiele, 2/19


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